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cov-cathedral-view3The Great Story of Coventry Cathedral


A Cathedral is a Christian church administration centre where the Bishops live. The Coventry Cathedral is found in the city centre of Coventry, West Midlands in England. Its location is made up of the old cathedral also known as the Ruins and the new cathedral known as St. Michael Cathedral. Some even refer it as the second and the third Cathedrals respectively. The New Cathedral has wonderful and attractive features which attract many diverse visitors from various parts to tour the place.
The first attractive feature is the Cathedral Tower; one can climb the Cathedral tower to have the best view of the Coventry which is open all days of the week. It is open from 10.00 am to 4.00pm, Monday to Saturday and 12.00noon to 3.00pm on Sunday because on Sunday its a day of worship, that’s why its opened fewer hours. Therefore, it’s convenient to plan your special trip to this historic and religious attraction centre in Coventry. Once climbed to all its steps and enjoyed all the magnificent views of the place, you can have a refreshment in its main Gift Shop which offers a range of refreshment items like hot and cold drinks, afternoon tea, Cathedral souvenirs, cakes, special dishes among others.

Coventry Cathedral has a great and attractive museum known as the Blitz Museum. This museum is open to all category of visitors starting from those aged eight years. It also hosts school groups that wish to tour the site. The charges are relatively low as the management charge only two dollars per head.
While in Coventry Cathedral, one can grow spiritually. This is enhanced by a rich and stimulating daily worship routine, as it happens in all other cathedrals. The prayer services are open to the public as followers are united in a cathedral community.
Coventry Cathedral is a place where you can’t miss all sorts of joy. It’s vibrant and finest music sang by their choirs and instruments are among the sources of entertainment. It’s also a fantastic avenue for a wide range of concerts and other show events planned for special occasions. All these will give you the excitement and even encourage you to visit the place now and then. Other entertaining activities include; theatre films, dances, poems, and talks.
cov-cathedral-view1There is a reconciliation ministry conducted in Coventry Cathedral. It is aimed at transforming the members to an understanding of the Christian practices of reconciliation through dedication to a series of prayers and Reconciliation Litany, offer Associate Programme and committing actions as per the Community of the Cross of Nails which is done in a Coventry way.

Coventry Cathedral was established to boost the education of their young generation. They welcome all students from all geographical areas to tour its environs to learn and experience the scenes. Once in Coventry Cathedral, they cover a variety of guided tours that are designed around the curriculum which covers most key areas as per the educational level as well as cater for Early Years and Foundation studies.

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Coventry Cathedral also welcome individuals to get involved in their activities. Since they are living as a Christian community, they encourage individuals to learn and discover more about their faith. This is conducted through fellowship and study groups which guides the Christian journey as they build interests and skills.
Indeed this St Michael Cathedral of Coventry is a great place to visit and be part of as it adds wonderful experience to one’s life.

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